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On the way to 175years of experience

The history of Steenhouwerij JH Smits & Zonen BV goes back to 1848.

We originally worked and processed natural stone in the traditional, traditional way, with a lot of hand tools and muscle power. The early days of our family business consisted mainly of making sculptures and ecclesiastical art. In addition, the manufacture of gravestones, crosses and natural stone structures.


 The first machines were put into use around 1930. From around 1950, saw blades with industrial diamonds were introduced, which made it easier to process hard natural stone types. We currently have very modern machinery that guarantees exclusive customization of optimal quality. 

Steenhouwerij Smits strives to keep its machinery "up-to-date". Although we follow the latest developments closely, we still employ craftsmen who have mastered the old craft down to the last detail. That is why we can meet any demand in the field of natural stone. From a small, unique custom piece to floors and walls of hundreds of square meters.

Our current clientele includes many professional clients, including kitchen companies, interior builders, furniture makers, (interior) architects, designers and construction companies. Individuals can also come to us very well. Our products are used in new construction and renovation of villas, residential houses, catering and other commercial institutions. 

Reclame 1800
Oude offerte
Oude offerte


Peter Michael Smith
John Hendrikus Smith

1848 - 1888

1888 - 1925

Theodore Smith

1945 - 1985

Theo Smith Jr

1985 - 2020

Camille Smith

2020 - Present

The processing of natural stone has occupied people for centuries. We at Steenhouwerij JH Smits & Zonen BV have been participating in this for a while. With our 175 years of experience, we have moved along with all developments in the market and have also retained the beautiful craft. We are proud to still have people who master the classic handicraft. In collaboration with many renowned interior and kitchen designers, architects and contractors, we continue to innovate and build the future together.

Our team

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